About Videos
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Video files in various formats can be added to the playlist, and then shown on the Projection display. When they are projected, they will be resized to fit the display, but the aspect ratio will be preserved (the video will be resized proportionally).

The following video file types are allowed:
MPEG Videos (*.mpg, *.mpe, *.mpeg)
AVI Videos (*.avi)
QuickTime Videos (*.qt, *.mov)
Windows Media Videos (*.wmv)

Video file support is limited to what the computer's Windows Media Player is able to open. If a video "codec" has not been installed or enabled by WMP, then Worship LIVE! will not be able to play the video either. If you can successfully open and play a video using WMP, you should also be able to play it from within Worship LIVE!  

Videos can only be added to the playlist when Projection Features are enabled/unlocked. Videos cannot be printed with playlists, so there is no benefit to adding them to playlists other than for projection purposes.

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