What Online Sync Does
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If you have multiple users of the Worship LIVE! software,
and you want to be able to keep all the databases
synchronized, the online sync tool will be valuable for you.

Online synchronization is designed for churches with
- A website under the church's complete control
- Multiple users of the Worship LIVE! software
- A need to maintain a common database between the multiple users

Once the website components are set up properly, and the individual computers are configured properly, the Worship LIVE! software handles all the details of ensuring that all the users of the software have a single common database, and that song changes are properly flowed to other users.

The online sync tool will:
- Allow you to determine who has the "master" database
- Allow you to determine which direction changes will occur (upload, download, or both)
- Allow you to specify whether songs are added or deleted or modified
- Allow your users to view the church song database through the church website

The online sync tool will not
do the following:
- Does not sync with Split Infinity Music's servers. Everything it does is your own song lyric text files on your own computers.
- Does not copy media files such as images, videos, and audio files between computers
- Does not manage your permission to use or share music; you are responsible for ethical handling of copyright regulations and rules
- Does not automatically synchronize anything. Users must initiate synchronization.

Specific requirements:

- All users must be able to browse the internet, while their computer is running the Worship LIVE! software
(For firewall compatibility, all communication uses HTML port 80)
- The web site must have PHP version 5 or newer installed
- The web site must support a MySQL database
- The sysadmin must be able to upload several files and verify the operation of a PHP file
- The sysadmin must be able to create MySQL tables, and provide an appropriate login and password with full access to the database

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