Working with Items in Worship LIVE!
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The following topics are available:

The list of songs
Databases: what they are, and what is important about them  
Songs: the most important element of the software  

Preparing for worship
Playlists: a way to organize your worship service  
CCLI Support: how this software can smoothly integrate with CCLI  
Printing: getting your worship prep on paper  

Things (other than songs) which you can add to playlists
Announcements: a tool to display basic announcements as part of your worship projection  
Scripture: getting Bible verses on paper and on the projection  
Images: adding color to your worship  
Audio: adding sound to your worship  
Videos: adding motion to your worship  
PowerPoint Presentations: integrating with a popular Microsoft software program  

Using this program for digital presentation
Projection: how to get your worship on the big screen  
Multimedia: bringing your worship "to life" with added flair  

Other good stuff
Options: how to customize the software to your own needs  
Setup and Troubleshooting: getting up and running, and working through problems  
Miscellaneous Functions: other good information to know for this program  

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