Worship LIVE! is all you need for worship planning AND projection!


We encourage you to download and try Worship LIVE! for yourself, free of charge. The program will install as a feature-limited demo, allowing you to try most of its features with a few restrictions. If you decide to purchase Worship LIVE!, you can unlock all the functionality without any additional downloads!



Ready-to-Use Worship LIVE! Databases

Want a head-start with Worship LIVE? We offer this ready-to-use database, formatted and ready to use with Worship LIVE!
  • Hymns database
    • This database contains over 2100 hymns and matching MIDI files for every hymn.
    • The Hymns database does not contain any chords - only lyrics, composer information, and related scripture references.
    • This database costs $19.95.
    • These are the songs included in this database.

Please Note:
All music included in this database is in the public domain. No copyrighted music is included.

Download Instructions

Before you download, please note that you will need an unlock code to install the database!

Download the installer Installer for the Hymns database (about 3.0Mb)

Installation Instructions

  • You need an unlock code to install the database. You may download the files at any time,
    but you cannot install the songs or MIDI files until you have the unlock code.
  • Double-click the downloaded .EXE file. Follow the prompts.
  • You may install the database anywhere on your hard drive you wish.
  • The installer will create a subdirectory and put all the song files and MIDI files in the appropriate places.
Using the database:
  • Run Worship LIVE! from your Start Menu
  • Select File:New Database, select "Existing Songs", and select the newly created subdirectory full of song files
  • Worship LIVE! will open the database and index and sort all the songs.