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There are a number of support options available to our customers.

Most of these pages are hosted on the main Split Infinity Music web site, and will open in a new window or tab.


   How To Reach Us
Split Infinity Music
PO Box 382
Great Mills MD 20634-0382
Telephone: 800-994-0382

Email: salesandsupport at the simusic.com domain.

   System Requirements
Review the system requirements; basically, if your PC can run Windows XP or newer, then our software will run just fine also.

Read up on our software in the SIMusic KnowledgeBase, and explore the various tips and tricks we have posted for your assistance.

   Online Help
Read the actual software help file, posted in HTML format.

   Product Bug Reports
If you find a problem with our software, we encourage you to submit a bug report using our Online Bug Reporting Form. This gives us a good start at finding and fixing the problem. Recent versions of our software include direct bug reporting options, which will link directly to this web page and help you submit full error details.

   Mailing List
Join the Split Infinity Music News mailing list. It's double opt-in, you control your own subscription, and we send very infrequent email, so don't worry about being spammed.

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