Worship LIVE! is all you need for worship planning AND projection!

There are three packages available, with different add-on optional products.

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    The Split Infinity Music Web Store
You can purchase the Worship LIVE! software and related products via PayPal, which accepts most US credit cards. If you pay via PayPal, you will usually receive your unlock information in minutes via email (except upgrade orders which must be verified by SIMusic).

License Name (such as your church name; if blank, license will be in your first/last name. Minimum 8 characters.)

    Alternate Purchasing Methods
For our overseas customers, we also offer our software through the Kagi Store. You can pay by credit card and with non-US currency. Kagi accepts almost every currency, in almost every format, including credit cards, personal checks, and wire transfers. Use their secure, online order form, and you will usually have the unlock code for your product within hours. Kagi provides highly secure, fast, and private services. In over six years and many thousands of dollars of business with Kagi, we have had zero complaints from our customers.

You can also fill out this order form (Acrobat PDF) and submit it via mail with appropriate payment.

    Delivery Methods
You can receive our products in two different formats.

The CD can be ordered using either purchase method above.
It contains installers for all our software products on a single CD.
CD-ROM orders ship via United States Postal Service Priority Mail, within two business days of receipt of order.
You don't need to purchase the software to purchase a CD; we'll be happy to sell you a CD so you can try all the demos.

  the Web Via free download
You can get the installers from our web site or our FTP site.
Visit each product's page for web download links.
Visit our FTP site for all the products.


The boxed CD version is packaged in a durable, snazzy DVD-size Super Jewel Box (click for a closeup / 180kb)