Worship LIVE! is all you need for worship planning AND projection!

The following tutorial files are available. All are Macromedia Flash files and play in a browser window.

Some of these tutorials are highly interactive - you will be asked to click at certain points. It's almost like using the software right in your browser.


Version 6 Features (9:00 / 3Mb)
A guided tour thru the exciting features in version 6; includes voice commentary.
The new "Stage Mode" in version 6.3 (6:00 / 1.5Mb)
A handy feature if you use the Worship LIVE! software on stage during live worship sets; includes voice commentary.
The new Lyrics screen in version 6.3 (5:00 / 2.5Mb)
Designed for projecting lyrics for the singers, on a third monitor (after the main windows and the projection monitor); includes voice commentary.
Server Synchronization (9:00 / 5Mb)
How to set up and use the Server Sync features to keep multiple copies of the Worship LIVE! software up-to-date with each other; includes voice commentary.
Automation Features (9:00 / 4,853Kb)
A quick demonstration of the Automation features (recorded in v5.1 but still applicable); includes voice commentary.
Worship LIVE! Introduction (7:15 / 700Kb)
A guided tour thru the basics of starting the software, opening songs, searching, transposing, and more.
Creating a new song (4:30 / 250Kb)
A guided and interactive tour thru the basics of creating, formatting and saving a new song.
Building a Playlist (6:45 / 500Kb)
A guided tour thru the basics of creating, arranging, and saving a playlist.
Projection Formatting (5:00 / 600Kb)
A guided tour thru the basics of customizing the presentation appearance of a song.
Presentation Basics (4:00 / 200Kb)
A guided tour thru the basics of running a presentation session.
Working with CCLI SongSelect (2:30 / 300Kb)
How to search for songs on CCLI and import them into Worship LIVE! Highly interactive.
Working with CCLI SongSelect, Part II (1:45 / 150Kb)
How to use CCLI SongSelect files to update the properties of existing songs. Highly interactive.
Moving a database (4:00 / 430Kb)
Shows one method of moving a song database between locations. Highly interactive.
Multiple-Monitor Setup Tips (4:00 / 2.5Mb)
A how-to guide for setting up a multiple-monitor system that will support the Worship LIVE! software; includes voice commentary.
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