Worship LIVE! is all you need for worship planning AND projection!

There are three packages available, with different add-on optional products.

Compare the various packages here.

Time to upgrade? Learn how to get the latest version.


  If you are already a Worship LIVE! software user, and you want to upgrade, this information will get you started.

   Free updates
Minor updates are always free. If the major version number is the same (for example, version 6.0.15 to 6.1.0), you can simply download and install the latest version from our download location.

If you're looking for updates for older software (versions 2 through 5), you can find them here.

   Upgrading From a Demo Version
Upgrading from a demo is EASY! Simply order the software from our online catalog. You'll receive a key code via email. This key code will fully unlock the demo you have already installed. There's no need to download additional software (unless you order an add-on like a Bible or database).

   Upgrading to Version 6 From Previous Versions
From any previous version of Parse or Worship LIVE!, the upgrade cost to version 6 is just $30 for the basic features, or $60 for the projection version (this doesn't ADD projection features - it's just a version upgrade).

First, you should review this 12-minute online tutorial which will guide you through many of the new features. (This video has not yet been updated for version 6... that will be coming soon.)

Next, visit our catalog and look at the available upgrades.

  • If you own the Basic version, make sure you select Upgrade to Worship LIVE 6 Basic.
  • If you own the projection version, you need "Upgrade to Worship LIVE 6 for Churches;
    this upgrade will apply to the For Churches, Silver, and Gold editions.

       Upgrading by Adding Projection Features (all versions)
    If you only need to add Projection features to a Basic features license, you will want this upgrade.

       Other Upgrades
    If you simply want to add additional goodies to your Worship LIVE! software, you'll want to read up on the extras which are available.