Worship LIVE! is all you need for worship planning AND projection!

There are a number of support options available to our customers.

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   System Requirements

The Worship LIVE! software is pretty easy on your system. Essentially, if you can run Windows XP, Vista or 7, then the Worship LIVE! software will run just fine on your computer.

Projection Requirements

For projection users, we recommend a reasonably recent PC. Anything that runs Vista is easily capable of handling all the projection requirements, although it will also run just fine under Windows XP. Please note that the main thing that a faster computer will improve is how fast the software renders each projection screen. When you project an on-the-fly Bible verse, for example, it may take a second or two to render it before it shows, and transitions between screens (fades and wipes) will be smoother with faster computers.

We recommend that you use more than the minimum required memory for your operating system. Any and all software will benefit from added memory, and the projection modes of the Worship LIVE! software use extra memory to build and display the screens. So more memory will make for a smoother experience. For example, Windows Vista requires at least 1Gb of memory for Home Premium; 2Gb will be much easier to use (for ALL your software, not just Worship LIVE!). (Not enough memory will mean that Windows must move information to and from the hard drive constantly, which is a very slow process compared to using memory chips.)

Projection of video clips will also benefit from a faster computer. The Worship LIVE! software can layer your song lyrics and scriptures over video clips; a faster computer will make the videos smoother and eliminate any possible stuttering or dropped frames.

Dual Screen Projection

When used for projection, the Worship LIVE! software is designed to run best on a computer with two monitor outputs. It CAN be run on a single monitor system, but you'll be unable to use the playlist screen's controls for the projection. Most newer laptops allow dual-screen setup, where the main laptop screen shows a separate image from the external monitor connection. This works fine for the Worship LIVE! software. For desktop machines, adding a second video card is usually very easy with Windows XP and newer. You can learn about how to set up a multiple monitor system from Microsoft's website.

Triple Screen Modes

The "Lyrics Screen" mode of the Worship LIVE! software is designed to be run on a third monitor, showing lyrics and scriptures to the worship team (instead of the congregation). If you have a three-monitor system you can use this mode. Note that the method of setting up a third monitor is identical to adding a second monitor. (In fact, you COULD set up to 9 monitors this way!)